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In these rapidly changing times, the ability to build trust and to unleash 

creativity have become hard skills.

Improve! is a network organization 

built around a shared believe in the human capacity to shape the future. We facilitate growth in personal 

leadership, team effectiveness 

and the creation of high trust cultures

We deliver what we promise: 

Improve! will help you develop authentic leadership in your organisation around these topics.


That's why we are a trusted partner for clients all over the world. From Singapore to Amsterdam, from ICT to Retail, from Pharma to Public Service.


Who are we?

Floris is a certified Solution Focussed trainer / coach. He has a creative background, graduating as a jazz piano player and a composer and was one of the youngest teachers to be appointed at the Conservatories of both Amsterdam and Utrecht. He coaches individuals and works for amongst others FranklinCovey, Mind Work Productions and GAIA Insights as a trainer.  He is a motivational speaker for corporate business and is highly appreciated for his humorous but very clear style of training and coaching. He is an empathic listener and knows how to motivate people, receiving raving reviews from those he has worked with over the past years. 

Besides this, Floris is a sought-after composer, creating music that strengthens stories for cinema, commercials and theatre. 

Svend has a diverse background, varying from contributing in the Danish army to being a business owner to composing music for the Eurovision Songcontest. Besides all that, he has a deep passion for creating an atmosphere or conditions for people to grow and connect. Delivering and organizing talent programmes, leadership team off-sites or organizational fixing, allows him to do just that. He deeply believes that vulnerability is the necessary currency, when it comes to developing the courage to impact personal development. 

Our network of artists

For some clients, we bring our band, consisting of some of Europe's best jazz and pop musicians. Together, we showcase the benefits of dissonance, and how to create sound results with your teams. With this band we can offer feedback to your team on a different sensory level than language would or could. Our clients seem to love to have a different energy in the room than just some person babbling all the time.


We provide workshops on The 5 Behaviors of a Band (Lencioni) and on The Art of Improvisation, which not only we, but even MIT consider to be a hard skill nowadays! Please inform here if you are curious...

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In need of some healthy co-creative coaching?

We have a global network of coaches that help you find your next steps


Tailor made Leadership Journeys creating long lasting results, that received a historical approval rate of 9,5/10



We deliver high impact workshops all around

the globe.

Enhancing cohesive team behavior, boosting the ability to build trust and ignite serious play in teams and organizations 


What we do


Gerjon Zomer,


Floris brings out the best in you. His sharp mind, sense of humor and empathic ability  make him the ideal coach for any creative process.. Floris unleashes your potential and will help you thrive. Highly recommended!

Participants of

the Art of Improvisation

 Great content and style of delivery. Very very very powerful and impactful!

This was one of the highlights of our High Potential Program. 

Anita Scholte op Reime,


 I really want to thank you. You have added such an important dimension to our Team Development!

Word of Mouth


We'd love to hear from you

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